Sorting Your Scrap

Scrap Metal Categories

#1 Prepared
Metal that is at least 1/4″ thick and cut to 2′ to 5′ lengths. Usually from demolished buildings, I beams, etc.

Regular Scrap
Appliances; Refridgerators, Dishwashers, Microwaves, Metal Lawn Furniture, Water Heaters (drained), Oil Tanks (drained), etc. We cannot accept TV’s or Computer Monitors.

Salvaged Vehicles:
Complete vehicles: Vehicles that still have the original catalytic converter attached. 

We Cannot Accept ANY Vehicle Without A Title! 


Sorting Your Scrap

Your “Scrap Pile” may have some items that will pay higher than regular scrap if sorted out and cleaned. Check the photos below:

What is #1 Copper?

#1 Copper is clean copper with no heavy corrosion, paint, solder, or coatings of any kind. Insulated house wire with the plastic sheathing stripped off is #1Copper. Insulated house wire with the plastic sheathing burned off is #2 copper.

What is #2 Copper?

#2 Copper has foreign material on it such as paint, solder, corrosion or coatings of any kind.

Burned copper wire is #2.

What is dirty Aluminum?

Dirty Aluminum has foreign materials still attached. (Rivets, webbing, metal screws). The lawn chairs in the photo still have webbing and steel rivets.

What is clean Aluminum?

Clean aluminum has no foreign materials left on it. Check over everything with a magnet (which will attach to steel). If there is any steel on it, it will be considered dirty. In the photo at left we have cleaned the dirty aluminum in the previous picture, making it clean. Note the pile of trash taken off the chairs and bike wheels. All rivets must be removed to be considered clean.

What is dirty brass?

Dirty brass still has foreign material on it. In the photo at left, all pieces marked in yellow must be removed to make it clean.
Copper fittings must also be removed.

What is Clean Yellow Brass?

Yellow Brass is used in belt buckles, plumbing, plaques, jewelry, marine hardware, and musical instruments.
In the photo at left, all foreign materials have been removed from the brass, so it is considered clean.

What are dirty Radiators?

Dirty radiators will have steel, plastic, or other materials still attached. If a magnet sticks to any part of the radiator it is dirty.

What are clean Radiators?

Clean radiators must have all steel or plastic removed. Any magnetic material must be removed and plastic side tanks must be taken off.
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