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Do I need to bring my tools?
YES!!! We are a U Pull Salvage Yard, we do not provide tools for our customers.
Can I drive down into the Yard?
No, you must walk our yard, if your item is large or heavy, we can bring it out for you.
Is there an entrance fee?
Yes, there is a $1.00 per person entry fee that must be paid at the main office before entering the yard.

This charge cannot be paid using a credit card… Cash only please.

Can I bring my child to the yard?
You must be 18 or older to enter the yard, and you will need to sign a waiver for insurance purposes.
Can I jack up the vehicle?
No, please let us know if the vehicle needs to be lifted or moved, we will do it for you.
How much can I get for my vehicle?

We buy vehicles strictly by weight, it does not matter if the vehicle runs or not, or the general condition.

If you would like an estimate, please call the office at 717-532-6804.
If you wish to sell us your vehicle, YOU MUST HAVE THE TITLE!!
Please try to have as little gas as possible in the tank when you bring it in.
If your vehicle needs to be towed, we can arrange that, a fee will be charged.